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Usenet access, newsgroups, binaries and NNTP news server access - Block Account Pricing from NewsFusion
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Block Account Pricing

Usenet shopping bag Prices in British Pounds and Euros are estimated and vary depending on the current exchange rates. Our estimates updated hourly and therefore may not precisely reflect the rates achieved upon payment.

If your local currency is not listed in the table below, use a currency converter to estimate a price.

Remember that these prices are for 'block' usenet accounts that only expire once you have reached your limit; these are not rolling monthly costs.

Size$ (USD)£ (GBP)€ (EUR)
5 GB$ 6£ 4.025,51 €
10 GB$ 11£ 7.3710,10 €
30 GB$ 29£ 19.4426,62 €
60 GB$ 45£ 30.1641,30 €
90 GB$ 59£ 39.5454,15 €
∞ GBCustom plan pricing available on request

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